It’s been more than a decade since the Walmart Express started opening up on the US East Coast, and the chain has been the target of a growing number of protests over the past year.

Now, Walmart is set to open a second store on the West Coast, as well as another store in Mexico, the first time the retailer has opened stores in more than 100 countries.

Walmart’s US sales rose 7% to $5.8bn in the second quarter of this year.

The company said it was investing $1.6bn in US operations and expanding the Walmart Store network to 15,000 stores.

It also said it would expand its Walmart Express online and in-store pickup services and create new retail and delivery hubs across the US.

It said it will open a new store in Seattle in the coming months, with an estimated opening in 2019.

Here’s what you need to know about the new stores.

Where are they?

Walmart announced plans to open its first new US outlet in Atlanta in 2018.

It is expected to open the first Walmart Express in Chicago, Minnesota, and San Francisco in 2019, with further plans to add a third new outlet by the end of 2019.

The first two new US stores will open in Seattle and Portland, Oregon.

The third store will open next year in California.

Walmart said the Seattle outlet would open in 2020 and the Portland outlet in 2021.

What can I expect at the new locations?

The Walmart Express will be an expanded, high-tech shopping centre.

It will have a restaurant, a fitness centre, and a movie theatre.

Walmart says it is building a new shopping centre in Portland, with the aim of opening in 2020.

The new Portland location will include a new entertainment area, which will include live entertainment and a restaurant.

Will there be a Walmart Express store in my area?

Yes, Walmart plans to expand its reach beyond the US, with new stores in Japan, Canada, the UK, Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

The chain has already opened its first three stores in Asia.

Walmart has expanded its reach into China, and it has announced plans for a new Walmart Express opening in Beijing in 2019 and another in Shanghai in 2020, with plans to close in 2019 in China.

In 2020, Walmart will open stores in South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Are there any new deals?

Walmart has introduced a new loyalty scheme called “Prime Time Deals” which allows shoppers to save money by using Walmart’s PrimeTime app and PrimeTime Rewards points.

Walmart also said in its annual report that it had launched PrimeTime Deals, with discounts on a range of items and services.

What about Walmart’s existing stores?

There are currently nine Walmart Express stores in the US: the Seattle store, Portland, California, and two in Chicago.

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