The NFL is using the free meal plans to pay for the salary cap relief, a source tells ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

The NFLPA is working with the league on a proposal that could give the teams a substantial boost in salary cap space, a person familiar with the matter tells Schefter on Tuesday.

The salary cap could be as high as $144 million next season, up from $142 million in 2021.

The team’s top salary cap priority is keeping salaries as low as possible, a priority for general manager Ryan Pace.

He’s said that the team’s focus will be on keeping players healthy.

In addition to reducing the payroll, the proposal calls for reducing players’ bonuses by up to 20 percent, or $2 million, in 2019.

That means teams can reduce players’ base salaries by up $1 million, or 3 percent, in 2020.

The team can’t cut any players.

In 2018, the NFL gave $7,621,936 in salary to its 28 teams, according to the salary-cap tracker.

The money was spread out over four years.

The NFLPA plans to push for a similar deal in 2019, but with a 10-percent cut for teams with $40 million or less in cap space.

The money would go to players and coaches, and to the league’s Super Bowl champion franchise.

That’s $10.5 million, and it would come from the $40-million threshold, the person familiar says.

That threshold was not disclosed.

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