Here are the top five Indian grocery stores in terms of sales, revenue and share of total grocery stores:Ampakan Ampatri Food Centre,Birla Birla,Coca Cola,Chandigarh Coca Cola Ltd,Eveready,Ico Foods Ltd,Mondelez International,New Age Food Corp. (NAF)India’s top five grocery retailers are:1.

Ampatri (Coca cola)2.

Birlas Birlas Food Centre (asian groceries)3.

EveReady (wegman’s)4.

New Age Foods (Mondlez International)5.

IcoFoods (Ico)In terms of revenue, Ampatrikas Bountiful Food Centre was the second largest, with total sales of Rs 6,400 crore in the year ended March 31, 2019.

It earned Rs 1,400-1,800 crore in total in the same period.

Its total revenue was Rs 3,100 crore.2.

Ampachan (Coke)3:Birlaz (Bunjie)4:Chandiga (Loblaw)5:Mondel (Bundel)Source: IFC, NABE dataIndia has the largest number of supermarkets in terms for sales and revenue.

This is reflected in the overall rank of Indian grocery companies.

India’s overall rank for overall grocery stores was 16.

The list of top five India’s top 10 Indian grocery retailers is below.

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