A Palestinian grocery in Pittsburgh was one of the first stores to open in Israel’s occupied West Bank last year.

The store, which opened last month, has since grown to a branch in Hebron and is now the biggest supermarket in the city.

The Palestinian-run store sells basic foodstuffs and groceries to residents of the Israeli occupied West bank.

The store is a popular tourist destination with many visiting from around the world.

“We started to see that people wanted to buy things, and the Palestinians wanted to eat here, too,” said Ali al-Hamed, who manages the shop.

The shop is one of more than a dozen Palestinian-owned businesses operating in the occupied West out of the city of Hebron, including a Palestinian restaurant, a bakery and a butcher shop.

A number of other Palestinian businesses have also opened up in the past year in the West Bank, which is under full Israeli military control.

Israeli soldiers, meanwhile, have recently expanded checkpoints and closed off the areas in which Palestinians and Israeli settlers are allowed to operate.

The Palestinians have also faced increased harassment from Israeli settlers, who regularly fire tear gas at Palestinian protesters.

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