Wisconsin grocery store layout has been a hot topic for years, and a state commission recently issued recommendations for fixing the problems.

The Wisconsin State Retail Council recommended that grocery stores in the state should be separated by at least 30 feet from each other and separated by no more than 1.5 feet of floor space.

It also recommended that store windows should be at least 6 feet tall.

The WSFCC report also recommended a plan to create a network of designated parking lots that are located on the ground floor, so that customers can get from one location to the next without the need to get up to the front of the store.

The commission also recommended creating a network for grocery store staff to take inventory at a time when they need to make improvements to the layout.

The committee’s recommendations were released on Friday.

“We believe it’s a critical component of a sustainable grocery store landscape,” WSFEC Chairperson Mary Lou Leggett said in a statement.

Leggett has worked with local retailers in Wisconsin for nearly 30 years and said that the WSFAC recommendations are a great step in improving grocery stores.

“They’ve made it very clear that they have concerns about the layout,” she said.

“The committee is now moving forward and we are excited to see where this goes.”

The WSUAC said that, although the report was not specifically related to Wisconsin, it’s very similar to a recommendation made by a state panel.

While some grocery stores have made progress since the WSUCC report, Legget said the commission is not satisfied with the current state of affairs.

We have made strides, and I think it’s important that we continue to make progress,” Leggette said.

Wisconsin has one of the nation’s worst food safety records, and the WUAC said in the report that more needs to be done to improve grocery store safety.

To help, the commission said it is proposing a $500 million bond program to improve safety and accessibility in grocery stores throughout the state.

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