From the Vancouver Island, the best-known restaurants, the most famous neighbourhoods, the biggest shopping sprees and the best shopping deals, here are our top picks for Vancouver’s hidden gems.

Vancouver’s Best-kept Secrets – In the video In Vancouver, the name “Vancouver” conjures up images of white-sand beaches, pristine parks and lush forests.

It’s also the home to some of the city’s most renowned restaurants, as well as its most expensive stores.

Here are our picks for the best restaurants, shops and neighbourhoods.

Best Restaurant – Best Food – Vancity Buzz article The secret to Vancouver’s high-end restaurants and shopping spurs is the same as in every other big city: quality ingredients and the right people.

But for those who want to enjoy a better experience at a lower price point, the city has a few spots where you can go for a bargain, and for good reason.

Famous Vancouver restaurants and neighbourhoods: The best-loved restaurants in Vancouver include the following: Diner Lao: One of the oldest restaurants in the city, Lao is located at the intersection of Burnaby Road and Main Street.

The restaurant is a modern, sleek space with an eclectic collection of dining options.

The decor, though, is an homage to the original, with the original brass and silver tile and a long table and chairs.

Diners’ Delight: Named for the “laid-back” vibe of the restaurant, Diners’ delights features an array of food items from classic Vietnamese classics to seasonal favourites, all with a relaxed vibe.

Nam Phan Thi: Located on Vancouver’s Main Street, Nam Phan Thai is the city-owned restaurant that is the oldest and most famous in Vancouver.

Known for its crispy and juicy seafood dishes, Nam’s menu includes Vietnamese classics, classics from Asia and some local favorites.

Mocktails: If you’re looking for a bit of fun and excitement at the dinner table, head to Mocktails at the Victoria Hotel, where you’ll find a selection of cocktails and more than 50 delicious Vietnamese food items.

The Canadian Restaurant Association has a list of Vancouver’s top 10 dining destinations, including restaurants with a wide selection of food and drink.

Grocery stores: Vancity has a selection that’s both affordable and popular.

If you’re interested in finding a good grocery store for groceries, the Vancouver Food Bank is a good place to start.

The Vancouver Foodbank is a charitable organization that supports and provides food and groceries to low-income households.

Coffee shops: You may not have heard of the Vancouver coffee scene, but if you do, it’s because there’s not many places to buy a cup of joe in Vancouver right now.

With over 300 stores, Vancouver is the world’s largest coffee market, with some of Vancouver ‘s top coffee brands including Starbucks, La Leche League, and Bolsa Familia.

Pizza shops: Pizza is Vancouver’s signature dish, and you can find it in so many ways, from the iconic pizza with tomato sauce and basil sauce at Pizzeria de Cerveceria to the classic pizza topped with garlic bread and tomato sauce at Pizza Hut.

Food court: If there’s a place in town that you want to stop for a quick bite, try the Food Court at the Westin Hotel on Main Street West.

The Food Court is a popular destination for Vancouverites to eat out.

There’s always a large selection of appetizers, sides and desserts, including desserts from a few of the best pizza shops in the country.

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