BALTIMORE — Walmart’s retail strategy is not working out for the company.

And if the company has its way, it might be a bad thing for the future of the retail industry.

Walmart is not just a retailer, but a retail company in the truest sense of the term, according to Kevin O’Donnell, the CEO of the company’s retail unit.

“It’s a retail unit,” O’Brien said, adding that Walmart’s strategy is to “win” the retail space.

The company’s strategy to win the space has led to some of the worst customer service practices, he said.

Walmart is known for using its massive store network to sell merchandise on a massive scale, and this network has led the company to overcharge customers for merchandise, pay more for merchandise than it sells, and then take it back.

Walmart has become a major force in the grocery business, but it has also been a victim of its own success.

The company has been able to expand and expand its store network because it has a lot of stores, and it is not the only grocery store chain.

Wal-Mart is the No. 1 retailer in the U.S., with an estimated 2.8 million stores, according in 2015.

It has also surpassed the size of Wal-mart’s retail network.

This is a big problem, said David Karpinski, senior vice president of retail at, a firm that tracks the retail sector.

Walmart can’t grow by simply selling more merchandise.

It needs to win back the space it is losing, he told CNNMoney.

It’s not just that the store network has shrunk, he added.

Walmart is losing its customer base and that customer base is a lot younger, so Wal-Marts ability to build a loyal customer base has been very limited.

In 2016, Wal-Mars sales were down nearly 5% from a year earlier, according data from NPD Group.

And its retail network is getting smaller.

For Wal-Bart, the numbers are worse.

In its fourth quarter, sales were up just 3%, but the company is expected to report a profit of $6.7 billion.

That’s a $1 billion loss, according Topple.

Some Wal-Elders are concerned about the loss of customer loyalty.

Last year, Walgreen reported a $14 billion loss for 2016, a 13% drop in the company after a 12% increase in 2017.

The growth is partly due to the increased popularity of grocery and convenience stores.

While Wal-Carts success has been good, the company also has to face challenges.

Its stock has been volatile, and its stock price has been driven down by negative publicity over a scandal involving the health care fraud that has been uncovered.

Walgreens sales are down 25% since the beginning of 2017, according Invenergy.

And sales of Walgreen groceries have declined by about 40% over the past two years, according Walmart.

Wal-Mart, of course, has many competitors in the supermarket space, like Walmart Supercenter and Costco.

But Wal-Martin is doing better, with sales up 17% in 2017 compared with 2016. 

The Walmart stores are becoming a little less appealing to the younger generation, and many of the older people have moved away, so Walmart is seeing its customer bases shrink.

WalMart’s strategy of keeping customers in their homes and then selling the products at a lower price has not worked out so well for the average Walmart customer, Karpowski said.

But Wal-Marche is growing, and is doing well.

The grocery chain has expanded in the past few years, and now has 2.2 million stores.

It is also expanding into other segments of the grocery industry, including restaurants and other retail stores.

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