By Steve Simmons The NFL’s preseason schedule has gotten a lot of attention this year.

In addition to preseason games that include playoff matchups, teams also have the chance to play home games.

And with that comes a lot to keep an eye on, as each NFL team is expected to have a different look on their preseason schedule.

With the 2017 NFL schedule now in place, it’s now time to dive into the best NFL teams in 2017.1.

Cleveland Browns1.

Joe Haden is the starting quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.

The Browns finished 8-8 in 2017, but the team’s offense has been the best in the NFL this year, averaging 35.7 points per game.

Cleveland has played a number of playoff games this year with a record of 6-3.2.

The New York Giants won the NFC East and the NFC North in 2017 with a 7-6 record, but after the season they will be the next team to compete for the playoffs.3.

The Denver Broncos3.

Cleveland won the AFC West with a 5-1 record and are currently second in the AFC in points per play with 31.8.

The team is currently tied for first place in the division with the Denver Broncos.

The Cleveland Browns have been one of the best teams in the league this year thanks to the play of quarterback Joe Hadeen.4.

New England Patriots4.

The Patriots have played eight preseason games this season, but have yet to win a game.

The only loss was a 27-21 loss to the Buffalo Bills.5.

Philadelphia Eagles5.

After the 2018 season, the Eagles will be looking to make the playoffs again.

Philadelphia has played four preseason games and has not lost in a home game.6.

Seattle Seahawks6.

The Seahawks are currently in first place with a 9-4 record, and have a win over the Dallas Cowboys in the regular season.

The Eagles are one of four teams that have lost their last five games, including a 29-26 loss to San Francisco in the season opener.7.

Pittsburgh Steelers7.

The Pittsburgh Steelers finished the season 8-7, but finished with the best record in the NFC with a 12-3 record.

The Steelers defense has been outstanding this season and the team will look to continue its dominance in the 2017 season.8, Carolina Panthers8.

Carolina is looking to continue their success this season by playing their final preseason game.

Carolina has been one a perennial contender in the ACC and has played in the Carolina Panthers Playoff five times in the last eight seasons.9.

Dallas Cowboys9.

The Dallas Cowboys finished the 2017 regular season 8, 7 and 8-5, respectively.

The defense has continued to play well with only four losses in their last six games, but a playoff berth will be tough to come by.10.

Indianapolis Colts10.

The Indianapolis Colts are currently 8-3 and have won three games in a row.

With a record that would make even the New England Belichick proud, the Colts have been the one team that has made the playoffs in each of the last three seasons.11.

Detroit Lions11.

The Detroit Lions have a record 8-6, but will look for a win this week to stay in the playoffs after a 17-3 start to the season.

Detroit will be playing in the second preseason game of the 2017 campaign, but is in the third seed in the East.12.

Kansas City Chiefs12.

The Chiefs have a very difficult task this week, as they are one win away from having the worst record in football.

Kansas is in first in the West, and is currently sitting at 9-6.13.

Jacksonville Jaguars13.

The Jaguars have won four games in their first five preseason games, and will be trying to keep their record in front of the Minnesota Vikings in the first round.14.

San Diego Chargers14.

The Chargers are one game behind the Minnesota Wild for the division lead, and look to keep it close this week with a win.15.

Cleveland Bengals15.

The Bengals have a tough road trip ahead of them this week as they travel to Oakland, Calif., and play the Minnesota Timberwolves in their next preseason game, but their win over Buffalo will give them some momentum heading into the postseason.16.

Buffalo Bills16.

The Buffalo Bills are coming off their first win of the season, defeating the Philadelphia Eagles 27-23.

The Bills are in a tough position this week in the Eastern Conference, as two of their remaining three games are at home.17.

Tennessee Titans17.

The Titans are currently 3-4 in their preseason and look like they are headed to a playoff spot with a loss this week.

The offense is still very young in 2017 and is likely to struggle in a shootout with the New York Jets.18.

Denver Broncos18.

The Broncos are one loss away from being in the playoff picture this season.

Denver is currently 7-2 and has been dominating the AFC South.19.

Detroit Falcons19

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