Which cities in the US have the highest concentration of grocery stores per capita?

According to a new report, which cities have a higher number of grocery store locations per capita than the rest of the country?

And which ones are most populated with high school students?

The study, conducted by the Urban Institute and Urban Growth Analytics, looks at the number of supermarket locations per population, along with the types of stores and the number, types and types of food that are sold at those locations.

As of July 2017, the average store in the United States was over 1,500 square feet, while about 8,600 of those locations were occupied by grocery stores.

The study also looked at the geographic distribution of the stores, noting that about 40% of the locations are in major urban areas like Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit and St. Louis.

It was also found that more than 70% of all grocery stores are located in high-density neighborhoods.

In the study, the most popular grocery store types are supermarkets and drug stores.

In fact, there are nearly 2,000 grocery stores in the entire country.

The most popular food category is meats, followed by dairy products and fish.

The report also noted that more stores were located in low-density areas, like New York City, than in high density neighborhoods, like Los Angeles, Miami and New Orleans.

It found that only about half of all supermarkets are in urban areas, while the rest are located on or near major highways.

The Urban Institute has a great blog post on the study.

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