Vegan grocery stores have been sprouting up across New York as the city’s population and economic fortunes have shifted drastically in recent years.

Vegan eateries, including the famed Vegan Garden, have sprung up in Times Square, the heart of the city.

They’re offering veggie burgers, vegetarian tacos, vegan desserts and vegan baked goods.

Vegan shops in the city are also opening up their own eateries in Manhattan and Brooklyn. 

And as more people choose to eat plant-based, New York is also getting vegan restaurants. 

“We have been getting a lot of inquiries from people about getting vegan,” says Dana Knecht, executive director of the New York Vegan Society. 

New York Vegan Week is coming up this weekend, and this past weekend, many vegan restaurants were opened. 

The city has a growing vegan population. 

In fact, in 2017, vegan restaurant restaurants surpassed the number of vegan eateries and the number serving breakfast.

In addition to these new vegan restaurants, Kneachtts vegan food and beverage director, Stephanie Erikson, says she expects that by 2019, New Yorkers will have more than 300 vegan restaurants in their cities. 

Erikson says that in the last year, the city has seen an increase in interest from chefs and restaurants to try vegan food. 

While veganism has always been in vogue, the demand is increasing, Knesch says. 

So many restaurants are opening up to cater to vegan diners.

“I think in the coming year we’re going to see a lot more vegan restaurants open in New York,” she says.

“I think there will be a lot to celebrate.

I think it’s a great time to be vegan.” 

Erickson says she plans to have vegan meals on hand for the upcoming vegan week.

She’s also hoping to start offering vegan coffee, which is becoming more popular, especially in Manhattan. 

But Eriksan says it will not be just vegan food that is making the city vegan friendly. 

She says she hopes the city will also offer vegan coffee.

 “The idea is that coffee shops will be able to open in a location that is vegan friendly, so that people can actually enjoy the experience of being vegan and not have to go to Starbucks or a fancy vegan restaurant,” she said. 

As for vegan desserts, Eriksen says she thinks it’s an exciting time for the dessert world.

Her goal is to have at least 10 vegan desserts on the menu by 2019.

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