If you’re looking for a local grocery store, there are some that will be better than others.

Here are the top five grocery stores for you to shop for locally.1.

Walmart Canada’s new Canada Day sale will be a good time to start checking out, said Walmart Canada vice president of international marketing and public relations Mike Macdonald.

The sale will run until June 10 and includes a variety of items, including meat, vegetables, and even baked goods, with prices starting at $3.99.

“The sale will provide Canadians with some great bargains and some great options to explore,” he said.

“We’re excited to celebrate Canada Day in such a unique way and it’s going to be an awesome day.”2.

The Co-op of Hamilton will be offering a $1.99 “Bread of Life” deal to customers this Sunday.

The co-op sells baked goods and other bakery products at their bakery, and you can get a free loaf with your purchase.3.

The B.C. Department of Food is offering a limited number of $1 off discount coupons to shoppers at its stores this weekend.

The discount will run from June 8 to June 16 and is available at all of the department’s grocery stores, including the Co-Op of Hamilton, as well as some convenience stores and specialty shops.4.

For the first time in B.J.’s history, the new Co-operative of Hamilton is offering 10% off of everything at its store this Sunday, June 16, starting at 7 a.m. and running until July 3.5.

The Canadian Bistro and Grill in Vancouver will be having a special sale this Sunday to celebrate the country’s 150th birthday, offering up to a 50% discount on bread and meat at the popular Bisto and Grill.

It will run for three hours and include a variety a bread and cheese selection, meat and veg specials, and more.

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