NEW YORK (Reuters) – The United States imported nearly $300 billion worth of food in February from the Gulf Coast last year, up 11.6 percent from a year earlier, the USDA said on Thursday.

The data, provided to Reuters by the USDA, showed that the number of imported foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables, dried fruits and nuts, and grains, rose 13.1 percent to 621 million, the most in the past three months.

U.S. imports also grew in April, with a 6.7 percent increase in imported food, the latest month for which data is available.

The USDA reported on Thursday that the government was unable to track food imports at the start of the month.

The trend is likely to continue as the economy slows in coming months, as imports continue to rise, the agency said.

Gulf imports accounted for about a third of all food imports from the United States last year and accounted for nearly one-third of U.S.-made goods shipped to the region.

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