When a picture comes to mind of a pretty girl, you’ll probably want to draw her in a cute pose.

And in this case, that pose is for an old lady who doesn’t have a lot of money and has no idea what to do with her life.

She might have her shoes on, or a hat on, and her purse tucked in.

But her clothes are just the same: dirty, old, and without much care.

But she has a heart of gold, so that’s what she does with it: she gives it away.

And with her little heart of gems, the result is a cute, sweet little girl that will make you smile!

This post is dedicated to a person that we’ve all felt a little awkward with, a woman who we’ve lost, or maybe a little bit ashamed of, but is trying to find happiness and purpose in her life and is in her 20s.

You can learn more about her here.

And remember, these posts are written from the perspective of someone who lives in a financially precarious position and has little money left over to support her family.

They are meant to be a snapshot of her life as she struggles to support herself and find happiness.

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