It’s not hard to figure out what the Meijer logo represents.

It’s a white silhouette with two hands holding a cart of groceries in its right hand and the words Meijers grocery store, the blue logo on the other.

It reminds you of a grocery shopping cart, with the same general shape.

Meijertos grocery store.

That’s it.

It doesn’t have much to do with the Meija grocery store chain.

But it’s easy to see why it would have made sense for the company to create a grocery cart that looks like the one on the grocery store’s logo.

That cart, a version of the one that has been in stores since 1995, was the centerpiece of a Meijerman’s grocery store display at the Seattle International Trade Show in November.

The display is part of the Meiji Shinkansen, a railway project that will bring 1,000 new high-speed trains to Japan by 2021.

The new trains will cut travel times and cut emissions, helping Japan meet its emissions-reduction goals.

They’re expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% to 50% compared to trains currently in service, and to increase fuel efficiency by 50% to 80%.

Meijernes display was the first Meijermans display to feature a grocery item.

“I’m glad that the company has embraced the concept of sustainability and the importance of green infrastructure, and I think it’s a great idea,” Meijeren’s CEO and co-founder, David Pritchard, said at the event.

“Meijer’s has always stood for quality and reliability.

And we believe that we’re going to continue to do the same.”

Pritchards co-founded the company in 2001.

“We have a commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability, and the Mejernes brand and the concept has always been about quality and durability,” he said.

“The Meijery brand has been a hallmark of Meijercos brand for generations, and this is another great example of the commitment to sustainability.”

The store, which opened in September 2019, is expected to open to the public by the end of 2020.

A smaller version of this cart will also appear at a future Meijering store.

The Meijemers grocery cart in a photo provided by the company.

The store is expected have a different look, but it’s still just a generic grocery store sign.

A sign at the Meijerners store, taken in September 2020.

Meiji’s grocery cart, the one featured at the store in November 2019.

The cart was replaced by a newer model in December 2019.

Pritches company said it’s going to have an “all new” Meijener store by the start of 2020, which will have “more of a traditional look.”

Meijered’s logo, taken at a January 2020 Meijera store in Japan.

The company will have a large selection of foods and merchandise, along with a new grocery store kiosk that’s expected to sell food from a wide range of products.

Pits is also partnering with local restaurants to provide fresh and healthy meals.

“While we are committed to bringing more sustainable, locally sourced food to the Seattle market, we also recognize that our consumers need the convenience and convenience of a mobile food delivery service to shop and eat at their convenience,” Pritcher said in a statement.

“Our Meijerees store will have the convenience of an app, while serving the nutritional and nutritional health benefits of our Meijerie products.”

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