Buyers and sellers in Maule will soon be able to buy, sell and rent goods online using a mobile app.

The Maui Grocery Stores Association says the mobile app will be available on Tuesday and it will be used by people of all ages and incomes.

“Mobile commerce is the future of commerce in Mauie, and it’s one that is rapidly growing and evolving,” said Jeff DeGirolamo, president and CEO of the Maule Grocery Merchants Association.

“We are confident that our mobile app can make the difference in saving money and reducing the amount of time people spend shopping.”

DeGirohamo said he is excited to be working with the Maui County Economic Development Authority and other community partners to bring this innovative new product to market.

The first Maui app is currently being tested and is expected to be rolled out nationwide in the coming months.

“It’s about giving people a chance to purchase their groceries online, so they can buy what they want to buy on their smartphone,” said DeGrolamo.

Maui County Commissioner Michael J. O’Brien said the mobile marketplace will also help farmers and farmers’ markets.

“They’re able to connect with people who are looking for locally grown produce and products, and we’ve had tremendous success with that in our area,” he said.

“We’re very happy to be a part of this initiative to help farmers.”

The mobile app is a joint effort between the Mauro, Maui and Kauai County Economic development Agencies.

Mileage to saveMaule County Commissioner Jeffrey DeGrosamo says the Mauco County Economic Alliance is a key partner in bringing this innovative online store to Maui.

“The idea is that when you go online, you’ll be able get everything you need at one place,” said O’Briens.

“I think that the community has a great desire to buy locally.

And so we really feel that if people can buy and rent in our county, they’ll be happy with it.”

The Mauro County Economic Association says they will be offering the Maugo store to the community starting Tuesday.

Maine’s top online grocer, Costco, is the other participating online grocer in the market.

“Costco is committed to helping the Mauo community get closer to their grocery goals,” said Chris Sargent, director of communications for Costco.

“Costco stores are a great place to shop and earn great rewards.”

O’Brien says the app will also be available to Mauis who have already made purchases.

“If you’re a Maui resident who’s shopping online, this app will make it easier for you to shop with your family,” he added.

Mauritia and the Maures are planning to host a celebration on the Maukila Island next month to celebrate the launch of the online store.

“Our goal is to see this succeed, but also help give back to the local economy, and that’s really what we’re here for,” said Maule Mayor John T. T. Odonnell.

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