Kroger has announced it is creating an environmentally friendly grocery store in Minnesota and it’s going green.

The Minnesota grocer, which operates 1,300 stores in the state, announced it would be expanding its green initiative at its flagship grocery store on the edge of Minneapolis.

The store will offer organic produce, meat and poultry from local farmers, fresh seafood, vegetables, dairy products and fresh produce.

Kroger’s commitment comes after an online petition started by the Food & Wine Institute, a trade group that advocates for healthier eating, to have the store converted to a grocery store with sustainable ingredients.

The Grocery Store Association, which represents nearly 50 grocery chains, welcomed the news.

“This is another example of Kroger taking its commitment to sustainability seriously,” said the association’s president and CEO, Brian D. Hartmann.

“Our members have been urging Kroger to expand its green efforts for years and the store is finally making good on that commitment.”

Krogers plan to start the process of converting its Minnesota store to a food service store in 2019, and its second store in the country in 2021.

Kraft has committed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by up to 30 percent by 2050.

The company also said it would pay for the environmental initiatives at its Minneapolis store with $250 million in donations.

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