In the months since the election, grocery stores have been filling up with the latest job openings.

The unemployment rate for workers who are employed in grocery stores fell to a seven-year low in October, and it has also been on the rise, reaching 5.1% in October from 4.3% in September.

But while the number of job openings is up, the number working for these jobs is still very small, according to the Labor Department.

The number of openings at grocery stores was up 1,904 to 6,737, according the Labor Dept. In November, the U.S. lost its sixth consecutive month of job gains and lost more than 500,000 jobs in the same month.

In addition to the unemployment rate, some economists say there’s also a lack of job growth, which is what is fueling the unemployment trend.

Some economists say this is because the food industry has struggled with the transition from grocery store to convenience stores, and there has been a drop in consumer spending, as stores are forced to offer fewer products.

The economy was also in decline during the recession, so jobs were created in places like health care and transportation, but not in grocery shopping.

But it is unclear whether the number will rise this year.

The jobless rate for men ages 16 to 24 is 6.7%, while the unemployment for men age 65 and older is 5.7%.

It’s not a big difference, but it still shows a marked gap.

For example, in February of 2018, there were 8,876 job openings in the food sector, but the unemployment was 4.5% in the entire sector.

And in November, there was 8,927 openings in retail, but in October there were 6,853.

And those figures are based on a total of about 14.6 million workers.

But a majority of the jobs are part-time or temporary.

There are also some openings that are part time and temporary, which also indicates a problem.

“In general, these jobs are a temporary job and they are not being filled by full-time workers,” said Matthew C. Wirth, an economist at the Urban Institute.

The retail sector, on the other hand, has been filling with full-timers.

In February, there are about 6,800 jobs in retail in the U: jobs that require a college degree.

That’s a significant number, but many of those are part of a seasonal economy, he added.

Withers says there are still many people who are actively seeking full- or part-timings.

The problem is that the job market has not stabilized and has been trending down.

Some retailers are trying to hire part- and full- time workers, but those are the exceptions, Wirth said.

Wulft also noted that some of the retailers are struggling to attract part- time and part-year workers.

“Some of the part-times are very, very low paying and some of them are very high paying,” he said.

Some people, like the owner of one local store, are seeing some of their jobs disappear.

“I have a couple of part-day workers and a couple hundred full-hour workers,” he told The Washington Post.

He said he can only keep the store open because the store is profitable and he is able to offer benefits and benefits packages.

But he said he will not be able to keep his store open indefinitely, as his business is struggling.

“People are losing their jobs, and we have to deal with it,” he explained.

Waith said he has a hard time understanding why some people are choosing to shop at his store.

He noted that he has to pay the same rent as the nearby local chain stores.

He is not sure why he would be able buy groceries from a different store.

Wathers is also frustrated that he does not have the same number of people working for him that he used to.

“The reason I have the jobs is that I have people working, but they are working at restaurants,” he added, referring to the restaurant businesses that he runs.

In a statement, the owner said he is open to hiring part- or full-timer workers in the future, but he is not currently able to do so because he has not seen enough job openings to fill the positions.

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