Gillian has been in the grocery store industry for over 30 years, and has helped hundreds of millions of Australians name their groceries.

She explains what each of the names means, and the different types of grocery store and how they can be distinguished from each other.

The first name she lists is ‘the supermarket’, which is used to describe a store where products are bought and sold.

‘The supermarket is the largest and most valuable of all supermarkets, so you have to think big about what you’re trying to do, which is to help people find the best products and the best service, and it has to be the most relevant,’ she says.

‘It’s also the most convenient.

You have to find the right store.

‘And then you have the name supermarket, and then the name restaurant, and they’re all different names, and I always like to think about the people who work in the stores and how much fun they have.’

She says there are so many different types, from convenience stores, to supermarkets that offer different types and prices of food, and how to distinguish between them.

‘There are so much more than just supermarket names, you have convenience stores and you have restaurants, and you also have a lot of different kinds of stores.

You can’t just say you have a supermarket, you’re not going to get a supermarket.’

Gillian explains that it’s also important to be very descriptive.

‘People don’t really want to be like “Oh, this is a big, fancy store with a big sign, and that’s it.”‘

They want to know what’s going on.

They want to see how big this is, how much money it makes, how many people there are and what it’s selling, and what they’re getting for the money.

‘So it’s really important to put a little bit of a hint of surprise in there, so people are aware of the big names and the big money.’

The more you put in the right words, the more people will go for it, so be careful.’

So if you’re buying a package of fruit or vegetables and they say “oh, we have one of those in stock, but it’s not on the menu,” and you say “yes, this might be a good option, but there’s a lot more of that” then you can’t really take it for granted, because the prices and the variety are just a bit higher than what you would expect.

‘You have to go for the best, so if you have one that’s expensive, then there’s probably a lot to be worried about.’

If you want to learn more about the world of groceries, watch the video below:

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