The United States Department of Labor has announced it will hire nearly 2,000 additional workers for the state of Michigan in 2018, bringing the total number of jobs the federal agency has promised to provide to the state to more than 10,000, up from the 8,500 it promised in 2019.

Michigan Gov.

Rick Snyder (R) and Gov.

John Engler (D) announced the hiring of 2,250 additional workers in the coming months, while the state has already received more than $500 million in federal grants since the start of the year.

The state has also made major strides in expanding the state’s workforce, hiring an additional 3,400 employees and adding more than 1,200 jobs.

It is also making hiring in areas such as technology and engineering more attractive, including by opening more of its tech and engineering jobs to women and minorities.

More than 4,000 people have received job offers from the federal government, according to the governor’s office.

The unemployment rate in Michigan dropped from 8.1% in February 2018 to 5.9% in March 2018, according the state Department of Employment Security.

The job market is showing signs of recovery.

The national unemployment rate for March 2018 was 5.8%, down from a 5.4% rate the month before.

Michigan’s unemployment rate also dropped from 9.2% in September 2018 to 7.6% in December 2018.

The unemployment rate fell by nearly 2 percentage points in February 2019 from the previous month, while job growth picked up again.

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