Kroger, the largest grocery chain in Thailand, and Thai chain KwikSucks have both shuttered grocery stores and stores, respectively, after complaints that customers had been overcharged by around $20 for food.

The chain said that customers who had not paid their bills before the closure of the stores could return to the store, but said they would need to pay back the remaining amount.

The chain has said it will continue to provide refunds and reimburse customers who have not paid by April 5, and that it will replace customers who do not have credit cards.

Kroger has said that it plans to reopen at the end of April.

KwikSuck, meanwhile, said it was taking steps to stop the theft and will be issuing refunds to customers who are unable to pay their bills.

KwikKwik, another Thai grocery chain, has said its stores will be open for business from April 8.

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