This is the second in a three-part series on how the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) failed to deliver on its promise to make the food stamp system work for people with low incomes.

In the first installment, we learned about the problems with food stamp eligibility and how the program was being implemented.

In this installment, how SNAP has turned into a giant welfare scam.

Last summer, a bipartisan commission of state legislators was tasked with reforming the SNAP program.

In a report released last fall, the panel found the program had “perpetuated significant inequities and underutilized benefits” and that its funding had been inadequate.

The bipartisan commission recommended an overhaul of the program, including eliminating the food stamps eligibility requirements, making it easier for states to administer and track SNAP benefits, and ending the eligibility requirement for children younger than 18.

The panel recommended an even greater overhaul of SNAP eligibility for adults and people with disabilities.

The House of Representatives and Senate have yet to act on the recommendations.

This past summer, the bipartisan panel issued a report that showed SNAP has not delivered on its promises to make food stamp programs work for low-income Americans.

The report also recommended expanding the eligibility criteria for SNAP, expanding SNAP eligibility to include people with childless dependents, and mandating that SNAP benefits be used for housing costs and utility bills rather than food.

But many Republicans in Congress remain opposed to the reforms and have refused to take action.

On Thursday, the House voted 219-193 to pass a bill that would repeal the committee’s recommendations.

The bill also directs the Department of Health and Human Services to make SNAP changes, including reducing the eligibility for SNAP benefits for people who have incomes below 300 percent of the poverty line and for families of three and more.

The SNAP expansion bill is scheduled to be signed into law by President Donald Trump on April 16.

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