A group of Puerto Ricans is spending more than $3 million to get groceries to their communities.

The effort is part of a broader effort to get people to make more food choices in Puerto Ricos growing economy.

The Puerto Rico Food Bank and the Cooperative Retailers of Puerto Rico are helping the Puerto Rican Community Food Program, or PCCFP, distribute over 3,000 boxes of groceries, which are now distributed through local food banks.

The food distribution efforts are part of the Puerto Rico Economic Development Initiative, a joint effort between the Food Bank of Puerto Rican Affairs and the Food and Drug Administration.

The initiative is a $1.5 billion, 20-year plan that aims to provide $1 billion of economic stimulus to the island.

“We’re seeing that as a very important way to make Puerto Rico a healthier place to live, a better place to work, and a place to raise families,” said Tania Dominguez, an analyst with The Center for Public Policy Priorities.

“That’s why we’re making this investment.

We want to make sure that we’re helping people have access to good food, good nutrition, good health care, and to make this food more accessible,” she said.

The first batch of boxes will be distributed in the Puerto Ricano town of Ocala on March 2, 2018.

The next batch will be shipped to the Puerto Reyes neighborhood of San Juan on March 10, 2018, followed by the community grocery store in the village of Vieques on March 17, 2018 and the village food pantry in the nearby village of Guajataca on March 22, 2018.

“The Food Bank is asking Puerto Ricas residents to donate to the program by using any credit cards they have.

The program’s website says donations are accepted at grocery stores nationwide and online.”

The Puerto Rican Food Bank has also started a food bank in San Juan.

It’s called the Food Stamps Food Bank,” Domingue said.”

This is a great opportunity to give back and help the communities,” she added.

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