Indian supermarket chains have started to adopt a new style of pricing, as the country moves away from the old model.

The supermarket chain L& M has started offering discounts on products ranging from meat to coffee to fruit and vegetables to a few brands of cosmetics, including Chanel. 

The discounts have helped drive down prices, with some consumers buying products with higher prices and making the purchase in the hopes of getting the higher price. 

However, the new prices do not seem to be working as well for consumers as they used to. 

“As consumers have moved away from these stores, the discount price of these items have increased,” said an executive at L&am’s parent company, Sunil Mittal Group. 

To counter this, the company has started to offer discounts on some products, like fruits and vegetables, which it believes are more attractive. 

It has also started to give consumers an option to buy products with lower prices, instead of offering them a discount, the executive said. 

In order to attract consumers, L&Am is offering free shipping on some of its products, a move that is likely to appeal to consumers, who are less likely to shop online. 

Meanwhile, the country’s biggest grocery chain, Safeway, has also begun to offer discount coupons for some products. 

These discounts, which have not been made available yet, will help customers save money and make the purchase more appealing. 

There is some debate in the grocery industry about whether the government should tax supermarkets. 

Some economists have said that it could reduce prices and spur consumers to shop. 

Others have suggested that the government could make it a mandatory business, meaning that all grocery stores would have to collect tax. 

What are the big winners?

While the government’s efforts to tax supermarkets has created a lot of excitement in the market, there are also some winners in terms of quality. 

L&am is already known for its quality products, which is a plus. 

Safeway is another major player in the industry, which makes its products with high quality.

It has also been a pioneer in the development of food and drink delivery technology. 

 Food retailers have also been taking a big hit, as grocery stores have become the major source of food for most Indians. 

According to the government, the grocery stores were one of the top four most important sources of food in the country in 2013-14. 

As more people move away from buying groceries, this could also affect food prices.

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