If you are not the kind of person who likes to cook, buy a produce stand inside your back yard.

A new type of produce stand has been introduced in Ireland by a new company called Garda Farms.

The stand allows farmers to grow their own produce for sale.

The stand was launched at a farmer’s market in Cork.

The company says it will be able to supply supermarkets in the future.

“The Garda stand will provide a place for farmers to get their produce, for them to store it and make sure they get the freshest product they can get,” said the Garda’s General Manager for Food, Food Process and Pest Management, Mark McGrath.

It’s a similar product to the one you see at a supermarket.

It is a small stand and it will cost €5,000 to buy, but that’s what the company is looking to raise to help it scale up.

Garda Farms is based in Wicklow, and it is the first of its kind in the country.

Its aim is to build a system for farmers in Ireland to grow produce in a secure environment.

The company says the stand will be more than just a store for farmers.

It will be an opportunity for them, so they can grow their food on the farm and make money.

“If you are going to do it, we need to get the right people involved and that’s why Garda Farm is here.

We need to have a team of people who are passionate about this project, who will bring in a certain amount of capital and we will also have a small team of farmers in Wickliffe,” said McGrath, who is also the chairman of Garda Fertilizer and Horticulture.

The product will be sold at the Gardai market.

“It is about being able to buy products that we can grow locally.

And the price is good because it’s something we can sell at the market, that we are growing,” said McGrath.

The new product is currently in production, and McGrath says it is on its way to being ready to ship to supermarkets.

Gartnas Garda Food Market, on the outskirts of Dublin, is also expanding.

Its main store will be the first in the county to have the Gardaic stand installed.

It has been opened with an opening this week.

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