Make sure you’re paying for everything.

If you’re buying groceries from a Chinese supermarket, you’ll want to make sure you have everything you need for the food you buy.

In addition, make sure your groceries come from a reputable source, such as a government-approved company or supermarket chain.

This will ensure you get the products you need, whether you’re in a hurry or a long line.

You can find out more about how to make that decision here.


Avoid high-priced products.

Chinese grocery stores tend to carry products that cost more than their local counterparts.

These items are usually expensive in comparison to the quality of the ingredients used, which can mean the difference between a healthy and unhealthy meal.

You should always be aware of the price tags on any items you purchase and make sure they are accurate.


Avoid the Chinese-owned restaurants.

Restaurants that serve Chinese food are typically located in more expensive areas and often lack quality control.

It can be difficult to determine what’s in the food, which could lead to overconsumption.


Make your shopping trip a quick one.

Make a trip to a Chinese grocery store for the basics and avoid the pricier items.

These stores will typically have a more diverse selection of products and prices than their Western counterparts.


Check out the local selection.

It’s important to check out the selection of local foods and products, but also look for the more upscale options, such for items like rice wine.

There’s nothing wrong with having a few bottles of wine on hand, but making the trip a few days before a big event or trip can be a great way to avoid purchasing anything expensive.

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