You know how some people have their kids take out their shopping carts and check out before they get home?

Well, it seems the same concept is happening with Amazon’s grocery store.

According to a report from TechCrunch, Amazon is planning to start using a kiosk for checkout, similar to what Walmart and other grocery stores are doing.

That means you won’t have to stand in line and pay to do your grocery shopping.

The Amazon kiosk will be at the checkout floor, and the cashier will be a kiosker who’ll do your shopping.

If you need to use a debit card or cash to pay for things, Amazon will do that for you.

It sounds pretty nifty, but how will it work?

There are no specifics yet, but we do know that the kiosk is meant to work in a similar way to what the checkout kiosk at Target works.

Target’s kiosk uses sensors to read the magnetic strip that is placed on the shelf.

If the magnetic stripe is pulled out of the shelf, the sensor detects it and starts to pull the magnetic card out of your wallet.

This is why Target doesn’t use a magnetic stripe at checkout.

Amazon’s kiosks will also use a similar technology to that at Target.

But instead of reading the magnetic cards at the store, the kiosks can use sensors to detect if they’re coming out of a shopping cart.

If it is, the cashiers kiosks in Amazon’s stores can start to pull out their cashier and cashier assistants to do their shopping.

It’ll be an interesting move, as many people might want to get into checkout before they leave.

We’ll have to wait and see if Amazon’s plans pan out.

What are your thoughts?

Do you think Amazon will use the same technology as Target?

Are you excited about the idea?

Share your thoughts below.

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