Now Playing: New car sales up in Texas as Texas Gov.

Greg Abbott’s reelection race heats up Now Playing.

Now Playing Texas Governor Greg Abbott in Texas Now Playing New gas prices could hit gas stations and grocery stores hard Now Playing How to name your new car.

Now Adding new restaurants and entertainment venues to Dallas Now Playing What you need to know about Texas’s voter ID law Now Playing The latest on a lawsuit challenging the Trump administration’s travel ban Now Playing Why the Trump Administration is using Texas to expand its reach Now Playing Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. share a laugh in the Rose Garden.

Now Featuring the most adorable pets in Texas, and the most expensive pet in the state Now Playing A new video shows a man’s “savage” fight with a bear.

Now Plus: The latest from around the globe Now Playing ‘Til Death: A man and his cat in South Korea’s capital city, Seoul, who saved their lives after a shark attack Now Playing Video shows man being taken to hospital after shark attack.

Now More video from around Asia.

Now A woman in Texas has been charged with a hate crime for attacking a man on the streets of Dallas.

Now, A Texas lawmaker is calling on the Texas Rangers to investigate an apparent hate crime.

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