When I was diagnosed with cancer last year, I was shocked and horrified to discover that I would need to pay $1,500 for a prescription I couldn’t afford.

I’d been told that I had a low-risk form of cancer that required a few years of chemotherapy to bring it under control.

That wasn’t the case.

I was told that a low grade, but still high-risk, form of lung cancer needed a six-month course of chemotherapy.

But when I asked about the cost, the pharmacist didn’t give me an estimate.

Instead, she asked me for my credit card number.

When I told her I was at a loss for information, she said she was going to send me to the pharmacy where I could pick up a card.

She said I’d need to fill out a prescription for myself, but that she couldn’t do it.

I was in tears.

It was an emotional time for me and I wanted answers.

In the end, I decided to call the number on the card.

After all, the card was for someone else.

She told me I’d be charged $400.

When I called back, I told the pharmacy clerk that I needed more information and that I was looking for an answer.

She said she couldn.

I called back the next day and the clerk said she would call me back.

I told my story to her.

She didn’t answer.

Then, one day, I called her again.

This time, she was more accommodating.

She apologized.

But I was still devastated.

I asked, “What are you going to do about the bill?”

She told a lie.

I had two options.

I could just pay it and hope for the best, or I could file a lawsuit.

I chose the latter.

I thought it was important to take the time to explain the situation to my husband, who is a lawyer.

I explained to him what had happened to me and my husband was able to understand my concerns.

I said that I didn’t think I’d get paid, that I wanted the money back.

My husband’s support helped me through this difficult time and we are now in the process of filing a lawsuit against the pharma.

I am very proud of my husband for his help and support.

I am hopeful that we can bring this matter to the attention of all the Canadian pharmacies that sell health-care products to Canadians.

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