The best grocery stores in the U.S. are being replaced by robot grocery-robotic systems that can operate autonomously.

Ars Technic reports that a number of grocery stores are starting to adopt automated grocery-bot technology, including the grocery store at the Phoenix grocery store in Arizona, which will begin using the technology in October.

The Phoenix supermarket already operates with a robot and has already begun using it to perform some tasks.

In September, the company announced a new pilot program to test its robotic system on the store’s shelves.

That program will also include an automated checkout system, according to the Phoenix Business Journal.

The Phoenix grocery stores will use a system called RoboGuide, which is essentially a human-like robot that will handle the checkout and customer service functions.

It’s also expected to be able to handle a variety of grocery-related tasks, including stock-checking, stock selection, and ordering, the Phoenix business journal reported.

RoboGuide is designed to be capable of completing tasks that are generally difficult to automate, such as scanning shelves, picking up items, and filling bags.

It can also take down shelves quickly, while the grocery company said it could take up to an hour to clean up a grocery store.

The robot-driven system will be able perform tasks that humans simply cannot do on their own, such in-store deliveries, the report added.

The system will also be able “to do basic inventory scanning, which typically involves scanning and identifying items on a shelf,” the Phoenix newspaper reported.

The Arizona store is the first grocery store to use RoboGuide.

The company said the system is capable of doing most of the tasks that the store has been able to perform using its own automated system, the Journal reported.

Phoenix is the second grocery store that is using RoboGuide technology, and the company said that it expects that the Phoenix program will eventually extend to other grocery stores.

Robot grocery-robot systems are becoming more common, as technology advances.

Last month, Amazon announced it would start using a robotic system to deliver packages, according the Associated Press.

A company called Mirobot recently unveiled a robotic grocery-store system.

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