Randalls is a grocery chain that has been plagued by supply shortages for months.

Its stocks have been declining over the past couple of years, and last week, the company announced that it had shuttered the entire stock of its stores in Kentucky.

It will now be selling some of its stock at a discount.

The company has been selling its stock in order to get its supply of cereal, but Randalls’ stock has been declining and has been trending downward since it opened in 2016.

It is unclear when the company will start selling its stocks again.

Randalls CEO Kevin Hagen said in a statement to ABC News that the company is “taking a very hard look at all of its inventory” and “will be making a decision about our future direction when the time is right.”

Randalls has a history of problems.

In 2015, it had to recall more than 100 million boxes of cereal because of a manufacturing issue.

A similar recall forced the company to close stores in the United Kingdom and Canada.

It also recently had to shut down a factory in Kentucky, where it made cereal.

Randles shares have been on a downward slide since it began selling cereal in late 2018.

The stock has dropped nearly 40% this year.

The Randalls stock has also lost over half its value in the past year.

On Wednesday, the stock lost over 70% from its all-time high in April.

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