A new Kailua-Kona grocery store opened to the general public Monday, making the latest in a string of new grocery stores opening nationwide.

The store, which opened at the corner of Kailau Highway and Interstate 95 in Maui, is located on the ground floor of a building at the intersection of Kaula Street and South King Street.

It will be staffed by four employees.

The store is expected to open later this month.

Kauai-based grocery giant Maui-Pacific Group announced the opening of a new grocery store in Kailai on Saturday.

The new store is located at the end of a chain of stores that has been around for decades, including Kailuea, Kailuan and Kauai, according to a news release from the company.

Kailua, which is a part of Maui County, has more than 800 stores.

Kauai County, with about 1.5 million residents, has about 9,500 stores.

The stores are primarily located in the areas of Hawaii, Maui and Maui Bay, and the Maui area has been a hotbed of grocery shopping.

The company plans to open new stores in Hawaii, Hawaii County and the Big Island, as well as other locations around the state, the release said.

Maui County Executive Debra M. Nelson, who is chairwoman of the MauIsho-Icicle Council, said the new stores are part of the region’s continued efforts to attract more shoppers to the area.

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