The price of a single loaf of bread can top $1,200 in Australia, according to an article published in the Australian Financial Review on Tuesday.

The average Australian grocery store can buy up to eight dozen loaves of bread a week.

The average price of bread in Australia is now $1.35.

The most expensive loaf is $1 in New South Wales, where the average loaf is around $1 worth.

The cheapest loaf is usually around $150 in Queensland, where it can go for as little as $75.

Food writer David Tovey told the newspaper the loaf of sourdough bread at a bakery in Brisbane, Australia, has been the most expensive in Australia in recent years.

The bread is now worth $4,400.

He said he’s seen the price go up, with loaf prices now topping $5,000 in Queensland.

“This is a product that has become very, very expensive in recent times.

It’s very expensive to make.

It needs to be prepared, it needs to last,” he said.

A supermarket in Perth, Australia.

(AP Photo/Darren Staples) “It’s the same with bread.”

He said loaf prices are likely to go higher as the number of stores open increases.

Australia’s food system is struggling to cope with the cost of goods, particularly food.

There are currently more than 8,000 supermarkets, of which around 6,000 are in metropolitan areas, according the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

There are currently about 10 million people living in metropolitan Australia, with the rest of the country having an estimated population of 2.5 million people.

Last year, the government raised the price of grocery store food by 20 per cent, to help boost household spending.

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