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Which are the biggest retailers of Indian groceries?

Here are the top five Indian grocery stores in terms of sales, revenue and share of total grocery stores:Ampakan Ampatri Food Centre,Birla Birla,Coca Cola,Chandigarh Coca Cola Ltd,Eveready,Ico Foods Ltd,Mondelez International,New Age Food Corp. (NAF)India's top five grocery retailers are:1.Ampatri (Coca cola)2.Birlas Birlas Food Centre (asian groceries)3.EveReady (wegman's)4.New Age Foods (Mondlez International)5.IcoFoods (Ico)In terms of revenue, Ampatrikas Bountiful Food Centre was

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How to shop in Amish grocery stores

If you're looking for a nice Amish supermarket, you can't go wrong with the Amish Grocery Store in Middletown, Connecticut. The Amish have a long history in Connecticut, having been settled in the area for centuries. There are hundreds of Amish stores, and the Amishes are the largest grocery store chain in the United States. Ams are an Amish religious community, which means

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