How a ‘delightful’ store became a joke for the world

A "delightfully" decorated grocery store in the United States was featured in a recent episode of "Grocery Wars," which is hosted by comedian Chris Rock.The scene was played at the 2016 Emmy Awards, where comedian Jimmy Kimmel hosted a tribute show to the store.The store's owner, Paul Ebeling, was seen in the video wearing a wig and a makeup artist,

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Online Ordering’s Alexa may be on the verge of becoming a major force in grocery shopping

By now, Amazon has made its mark on the grocery shopping world by acquiring grocery delivery startup Grocery Warehouse.And in 2018, Amazon will introduce a new grocery-tracking app called Amazon Alexa, which will work with Amazon's existing Echo line of smart speakers.The Amazon Echo is a speaker designed to play music through Alexa, and is currently available for preorder for

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