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“Grocery Store Joe” is the name of the new show on, and it’s based on a real-life chain of grocery stores.

Posted May 07, 2018 08:17:30It's the first installment in the long-running "Grog Shop" series, which is a spinoff of IGN's weekly video series "The Grog Shop."The show debuted in September 2018 and has since featured the likes of Adam Baldwin, David Ortiz, Seth Rogen, and Seth Rattle.It's an homage to the original Grog Shops, and the show's creators say they

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Grocery store closing opens in Minnesota

Grocers nationwide are closing as online grocery stores close their doors, with Walmart closing stores in the Twin Cities and St. Paul, Minnesota, in what is being called a "historic holiday shopping spree."The closures are part of Walmart's plan to diversify the retailer's offerings and cut down on its reliance on grocery stores.The company announced Thursday that it would close

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Grocery Store Closes Due to Heatwave

Gas prices in the Mediterranean are rising by more than 50% in some regions, according to some supermarkets.The latest rises have been driven by soaring petrol prices and the threat of rising electricity tariffs.Some supermarkets, including a supermarket in the seaside town of Capetown, said their staffs had to take longer to clear their shelves because of the heat.Many customers

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