How to spot a halal grocery stores in Omaha

Omaha, Neb.(AP) If you're planning to visit the Greater Omaha area this summer, there are halal and kosher grocery stores that are popular with the general public.But while some of the larger chains such as Safeway and Costco are welcoming, others such as Kroger, Sam's Club, KFC and Kroger have been known to be a bit stingy in terms of

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How to avoid getting sick with food poisoning at restaurants and other establishments

A restaurant or other restaurant business can be at risk for food poisoning if a person enters the building without proper food hygiene practices, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."If you go into a restaurant without cleaning, with no disinfectants or any kind of disinfectants at all, that is going to lead to

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Hawaii’s largest grocery store opens in Omaha

Hawaii's biggest grocery store is opening in Omaha.The new store will be the first in the state since the Hawaii Food Summit opened in January."We are extremely excited to welcome a new Hawaii grocery store to our state," said Governor Mary Sue Coleman, a member of the Hawaii Summit team."It is a great place to buy groceries, and we have

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