How to spot a halal grocery stores in Omaha

Omaha, Neb.(AP) If you're planning to visit the Greater Omaha area this summer, there are halal and kosher grocery stores that are popular with the general public.But while some of the larger chains such as Safeway and Costco are welcoming, others such as Kroger, Sam's Club, KFC and Kroger have been known to be a bit stingy in terms of

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Which states are hiring for jobs in 2018?

The United States Department of Labor has announced it will hire nearly 2,000 additional workers for the state of Michigan in 2018, bringing the total number of jobs the federal agency has promised to provide to the state to more than 10,000, up from the 8,500 it promised in 2019.Michigan Gov.Rick Snyder (R) and Gov.John Engler (D) announced the hiring

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