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Kauai Grocery Store opens to the public

A new Kailua-Kona grocery store opened to the general public Monday, making the latest in a string of new grocery stores opening nationwide.The store, which opened at the corner of Kailau Highway and Interstate 95 in Maui, is located on the ground floor of a building at the intersection of Kaula Street and South King Street.It will be staffed by

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How to Find Your Best Online Shopping Experience for 2018

Kauai, Hawaii--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today we are excited to announce that the Kauai Food Market is offering the most comprehensive online shopping experience in the region.This year's KFO 2018 will include:•Online shopping with multiple locations.KFO will offer the best online shopping experiences for the most popular foods in Hawai'i, with hundreds of online stores and grocery stores to choose from.•Free shipping.The Kauai

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