How to find the best local grocery store in Flagstaff

Flagstaff is a city that has a long history of foodies.The city's oldest grocery store still stands, and there's a grocery store just around the corner that is a favorite for locals.But what you'll find when you walk into the city center is a mix of foodie culture and the local grocery business.In the case of Flagstaff's local grocery stores

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Which are the biggest retailers of Indian groceries?

Here are the top five Indian grocery stores in terms of sales, revenue and share of total grocery stores:Ampakan Ampatri Food Centre,Birla Birla,Coca Cola,Chandigarh Coca Cola Ltd,Eveready,Ico Foods Ltd,Mondelez International,New Age Food Corp. (NAF)India's top five grocery retailers are:1.Ampatri (Coca cola)2.Birlas Birlas Food Centre (asian groceries)3.EveReady (wegman's)4.New Age Foods (Mondlez International)5.IcoFoods (Ico)In terms of revenue, Ampatrikas Bountiful Food Centre was

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