What happens when you buy a lot of Chinese groceries?

Australia's biggest grocery chain, Aussie Grocery, is set to buy out the Chinese grocery chain Lianhe in a deal worth $2.4 billion.Lianhe, based in Chengdu, was set up in 2008 with the goal of taking over the grocery market from Chinese supermarket chain Zhejiang Jiaotong, which has its base in Guangzhou, but operates in more than 150 countries.In 2016, the

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Online Ordering

How to tell if your food is fresher in China

CricInfo is your one-stop shop for all things food and dining in China.Cric has a wide range of Chinese food, Chinese travel and Chinese culture coverage and a wealth of Chinese travel news.If you want to know what's going on in China and have a good idea what's on your Chinese grocery list, Cric will have you covered.If your shopping

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